Professional Placenta Encapsulation.


Placenta Encapsulation is thought to ease postpartum baby blues, increase milk production, and balance hormones after birth. Doulas of Michiana offer this service in the convenience of the clients own home. We treat this service with the professional approach it deserves. Your placenta will be prepped in the most sterile way possible and you will know without a doubt that it is yours. Your professional placenta encapsulator will equip you with a cooler to transport your placenta home with you from the hospital and will arrive at your convenience to properly process your placenta, as well as sterilize your kitchen afterwards.



Placenta capsules are one of the most common methods of maternal placentophagy for the modern mother. Our standard placenta encapsulation package includes the processing of your placenta into capsules as well as a dried umbilical keepsake.



Placenta tincture is the way to really make the benefits of consuming your placenta last! A concentrated form of your placenta steeped in alcohol exponentially extends it's shelf life and allows you to have your placenta available to you for years to come. Placenta tincture is available as an add on to your placenta encapsulation package.



Placenta prints are a great way to preserve the memory of how you nourished your baby while they still grew inside of you and incredible reminder of all the hard work your body did. Placenta prints can be added on to your placenta encapsulation packages.

Pricing and Procedure

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