Doulas and Birth Activists: Apples and Oranges

Have you heard the stories about the doulas who leave after a laboring mother is rushed in for an emergency c-section because she doesn't "believe" in c-sections? What about the doula who won't work with parents who plan on circumcising their son? If you're a part of an online birthing community chances are you've heard about instances like these. Maybe you're even excited about finding a doula who's personal views align perfectly with yours. There's a reason why many doulas drop public stances on birthing, pregnancy, and parenting, That's because as an activist someone is out to support a cause, as a doula, their one and only mission should be to support YOU.


Sure, having a doula who publically advocates for everything you want to include in your birth, and only advocates for those things, may sound awesome but there are some things to consider. For instance, birth is never predictable. What if plans change in the middle of you birth due to unforseen circumstances? Will the heavily opinionated advocate you hired stay by your side? Or will they leave as soon as the tide begins to shift away from their ideals? Will they be able to give you any truly unbiased information in regards to your birthing situation so you can come to the best desicion for you and your family or will they be constantly trying to persuade you to their way of thinking, for what's best for them? These are all things you should be able to answer without a doubt about your doula.


This confusion in the birthing community and birthing profession about the difference between a doula and a birth activist is part of what has caused such a huge rift between doctors, midwives, and doulas. It's also why some hospitals have issued doula bans or asked all attending doulas to agree to a code of conduct. It's so sad that this behavior continues to occur because in the end the person it really hurts is the mother and her partner, who miss out on the support they desire due to the actions of a few.


Here at Elevate Michiana Doula Services LLC we pride ourselves in our professionalism and composure inside and outside of the birthing room. We strive to build bridges with providers in order to better serve our clients. We set out, not to enforce our birthing ideals on the world around us, but to help  you achieve YOUR ideal birth, no matter what it looks like.



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