Professional Birth Support for every type of birth and family.

Specializing in your birth your way.


Your labor support with Doulas of Michiana begins far before your actual labor. Between prenatals, phone calls, texts, and e-mails you'll always have access to your team of doulas and the home team.

From the second you call for them in labor, your doulas will be there to support you, no matter what your choices are or what your ideal birth looks like.

After baby gets here your doula will be by your side until your comfortable. From bottle and breast/chestfeeding support, to after birth care, all the way to making sure you get that first meal in front of you to enjoy your doula is there to help during those first few precious moments. Your birth doula support continues for the first few days after birth with advice and help as well as an in home visit.

Doulas are for partners too! Doulas of Michiana are experts in attunement and partner involvement. Our goal is for everyone to feel confident, comfortable, and connected throughout your entire birthing experience.


Hospitals and Birth Centers served: St. Joseph Regional Medical Center,
Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Elkhart General Hospital, Lakeland Community Hospital,
IU Health Goshen Hospital, Buchanon General Hospital, Borgess-Lee Memorial Hospital,
Goshen Birth Center, New Eden Care Center and more.


Pricing and Packages

Our packages exist to fulfill the most basic of needs all the way to those looking for the most luxurious and complete services available. We can't wait to exceed your expectations.